Best Kids Basketball

A good basketball is a good addition to your kids’ basketball equipment that you should think of. Your kids will be extremely happy with it and will spend much more time playing with it as well as increasing their skills and stay healthy and fit.

If you have bought them a basketball hoop, the next step is to buy them a good Kids basketball. Here is a guide to 6 great basketballs for your kids to choose from.


SKLZ Pro Mini Swish Foam Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini is a great Kids basketball. It is a 5-inch (27.5-inch youth) heavy-duty foam ball with a thin coating on the outside that prevents it from soaking up water or other moisture during play. Foam is quite great for such mini basketballs because it is softer, more durable, lighter and much quieter than the normal inflatable rubber ball.

SKLZ kids basketball

It is a great ball that even bounces on carpets and hard surfaces, does not make any noise and it is safe because it does not break any windows or glass when your kids miss a shot, and it will work with any mini basketball hoop.

This mini basketball is available for different prices according to the color you choose. You can find everything about the ball and buy it on Amazon.


Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 1000 Basketball

Franklin Sports Grip-rate 1000 is a very good basketball for your kids, the ball is made from a top-grade rubber and yarn winding that gives the ball extra durability. The rubber is very handy to use the ball outdoor as it increases the bouncing of the ball and makes it smooth. On other hand, Rubber has one disadvantage, if the ball is used indoors it will make much noise and it can escape air by time and needs to re-inflate. The basketball has a good design with deep channels to improve the handling of the ball during playing.


Franklin best kids basketball


The ball is available in many colors and sizes (27.5, 28.5, 29.5) inches and the price is determined according to the size and color. You can find everything about the basketball and buy it on Amazon.


Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball

This kid’s basketball is one of the best of its kind; it is great for kids at age of 8 and under. The ball is designed to help kids to shoot, as it weighs 25% less than the normal standard youth-sized ball. The ball is manufactured in China but with top quality materials. The ball is made of durable composite leather, this maintains the durability and the soft feel. In addition to that, leather is very good because the leather ball can be used indoor and outdoor without any obstacles. This ball is perfect for your kids and it is highly useful for them to increase their dribbling and shooting skills and get used to basketballs.

Spalding Rookie kids basketball

The ball is available in two colors brown and multicolor and the price is different according to the color. You can find everything about the ball and buy it on Amazon.


Mini Rubber 7″ Basketballs 4-Pack by PlayTime

This ball is great as kids basketball, as it is small in size (7″) so it can fit in the tiny hands of small kids, the ball bounces in a good way as it is made from Rubber, Rubber also makes the ball very durable and gives it an extra smooth feeling. What is great is that you get 4 Mini rubber balls in one package, there will be enough balls for everyone. The ball can be used indoors, outdoors and for swimming pool but it might make some noise indoors because of the rubber.

play time kids basketball

This mini basketball is available for few dollars and you can check everything about it on Amazon.


Picador Cartoon Design Basketball for Kids Size 3

A wonderful size 3 kids basketball, This basketball is made from high-quality, durable and Eco-friendly rubber. It is great for indoor use and it is recommended for kids with age 9 or under. However, we can say it is more suitable for kids aged 2-5.


picador kids basketball

The ball is well designed for kids because of the very beautiful cartoon painting and the smooth feeling. It comes deflated and it may not holds up the air inside it for long times. You can buy this basketball and found it on Amazon.


Stylife 5inch Mini Basketball for Kids

Another great kids basketball, Stylife 5 inches Mini basketball for kids. Is designed to be used indoors or in the swimming pool. It can work well with the indoor mini hoop, trampoline mini-hoop set, as well as swimming pool goals. A small bouncy ball that will be much fun for your kids to play with it everywhere. Made from a high-quality type of non-toxic PVC material, PVC is a type of plastics that can provide durability and holds the air inside strictly. The ball is designed well to impress your children and has a lightweight to be good for the children and not to make a loud noise when it used indoors as well as not breaking any glasses or windows.

stylife kids basketball

This basketball is good for children of 7 years old and less and it comes deflated without a pump, It is available on Amazon for a moderate price.

You can find everything about it and buy it on Amazon.


We believe that there is no such thing to be the best basketball. Matter of fact it varies according to your comparisons and needs. If your kids are around 8 years old then we recommend the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball. It is an average-price basketball, made from high-quality leather, which is very good to be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can find it in different sizes and colors, so you buy the one that satisfies your kid’s preferences. Make your own comparison and choose what best fits your requirements.