Best Pool Basketball Hoops

If you are interested in Basketball and want to play with your family, kids or friends when you are in the pool. No doubt that you are looking for the best pool basketball hoops that suits with your swimming pool and add up a lot of fun and amusement to your time and create a good competitive spirit between kids and friends and in no time, you can turn your swimming pool into a basketball game court. Your kids will have hours and hours of play and will increase their skills in addition to being healthy and enjoy a great summer.

Here we have gathered top eight Pool Side Portable Basketball Systems with all the info about the products, pros and cons and everything you would search for.


Lifetime 1301 Pool Side Basketball System


 best pool basketball hoops
Lifetime 1301 poolside basketball system is one of the best pool Basketball hoops that can suit any swimming pool and one of the top products offered by Lifetime, it has all the features anyone could be looking for in a poolside basketball system, As a 44-inch tolerant backboard that is made from a High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) for great ball rebounding and make the backboard very strong and virtually unbreakable.
The polyethylene is a perfect material for such thing because it is very rugged, durable and flexible in addition to its high environmental and chemical cracking resistance.
The backboard includes a blue classic 18-inch rim with a nylon net that can handle any kind of weather and last but not least a 3 inches diameter steel pole.
The hoop is equipped with a telescoping height adjustment mechanism which can be adjusted with no tools from 4 to 6.5 feet to control the difficulty of the game, and a portable 27-gallon base which is very easy to move or roll to wherever you want, just fill it with water or sand and it will be fixed.
There is no reason to worry about rust during the winter, as the hoop is covered with an anti-rust layer and has a five-year limited warranty.
Most of the users’ reviews were positive. Moreover, most of them were pleased with all the features of the product and good materials it is made from, that is why the product got 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The buyers said that the product is wonderful and it works for both kids and adults, it is very rugged, steady and it will hold up even if you hang on it, and after 1 year of using it is just new as it is.
Some few other buyers were upset and said that it rusted after one week or one month of installing and that the installation process was hard.
For rusting issues, keep the hoop out of the sun and rain when you are not using it or try to spry all painted surfaces with clear rust-oleum before assembling.
To resolve the installation problem, lifetime made some great videos on youtube or you can visit Http://Www.Lifetime.Com/Customerservice/Assemblyinstructions

Overall, for a price of 129$ Lifetime 1301 is a good addition to your swimming pool as it will add a great fun to your games and you can play basketball in hot summer days in your pool with your friends.

You can check all the details and everything on Amazon


Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Portable Basketball System


best pool basketball hoops

Another Top rated product by Lifetime, The Lifetime 1306 is a great portable basketball hoop for your swimming pool, the system has a neat design 44-inch backboard, made from a dense Polyethylene that is perfect for High duty service and can withstand ball hitting and rebounding due to its high mechanical properties. The design of the backboard is not only of the good material and about durability; it is also about the shape. So in addition to its High resistance to all kind of weather and extreme conditions with its nylon net and the classic Rim which will be very strong and steady against hanging and ball bouncing.

What makes this basketball hoop be one of the best pool basketball hoops is the shape, which is nicely designed with target assistant and telescoping pole that you can adjust its height from 4.1 to 7 feet easily. The hoop is portable with a 27-gallons base that can be filled with water or sand to become fixed on the ground, the base is made with a high-quality plastic that can handle the difficult conditions and protects against any leakage.

To gather up all the features of this great product, will be a Heavy-duty Shatterproof Backboard that can add much fun to the game with a fade-Resistant Graphics printed on it, and a classic rim with an all-weatherproof high-quality Nylon Net. A Dense plastic portable base that can hold up to 27-gallons of water or sand to increase stability with 2-piece powder-coated steel round poles to control the height of the hoop and the difficulty of the game.

The hoop has a 5-years warranty that will make you more confident when you use it and that you have not wasted your money.

Many users highly recommend buying this hoop; on the other hand, few of them had rust issues.

check all the details and all of the necessary information on Amazon


Dunnrite PoolSport Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

 best pool basketball hoops

Enjoy the fun and turn your swimming pool into a basketball court with one of the best pool basketball hoops. The Dunnrite poolsport swimming pool comes with 31×22 inch Basketball Backboard made from polyurethane, which will provide rigidity and flexibility, with a fixed height high-quality vinyl coated Stainless Steel rim to protect it against rusting and provide solidity, stands at 36 inch above the deck, and equipped with a white net that can withstand against all weather conditions.

Also included a high-quality super-tough polyethylene base that can hold 115 lbs. of water for complete stability and. The Dunnrite pool sport comes with a full year limited warranty.

The product is available for 157.97$ and has total reviews of 4.5/5. Most of the reviews are positive and the buyers are very satisfied with the shape, the quality of the product and the materials it is made from.

By taking care of the hoop while storing in the winter, it will surely remain as good as new. This poolside basketball hoop will provide much fun to your summer for your kids and your friend and with the 1-year warranty, you will not fear of any damages or any industrial defects.

Find everything about this product on Amazon.


Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

best pool basketball hoops


With Dunnrite Splash and shoot swimming pool, you can add extra fun to your pool. It comes with a high-quality 43-inch polyurethane backboard, for more stability, rigidity, and flexibility. In addition to an 18-inch steel basketball rim with a vinyl coating to prevent rusting, and a white net that can handle any weather condition.

A beautiful, heavy-duty pole that is well coated with powdered aluminum, making the hoop steadier and more Rigid. The hoop is attached to a telescoping pole that can be adjustable up to 56 inches above the swimming pool deck. In addition to a high-quality plastic (polyethylene) base that can hold up to 200 lbs. of water to enjoy complete stability.

This system is very easy to use and install, very sturdy and compact to handle all kinds of weather and conditions.

May be one of the defects that the base don’t have wheels so it is difficult to move it from one place to another but this increase the stability during the game.

Users suggest drain ½ the water and it will slide with ease.

Most buyers were very pleased with it and everyone said, that it totally achieves its goal and can hold for many summers against all kind of weather and conditions, it brought enjoyment and fun to their kids and was easy at the installment. Kids from different ages enjoyed the game and it created a cool spirit between kids and friends during the summer.

The product is available for 289.99$ and has a total review of 4.5/5 stars.

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Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game


 best pool basketball hoops

One of the cheapest, not complicated and best pool basketball hoops is the poolmaster pro rebounder, it will make you enjoy the summer in the pool with your kids or friends. It is made of very durable materials with a solid, durable backboard and a high-quality plastic rim in addition to a polyethylene net that can withstand all weather condition. The hoop is made from a very good PVC, which can be rigid and provide a good rate of flexibility at the same time, in addition to a high-quality base that can be filled with sand or water to increase stability.

The hoop comes with a free game ball with its inflation needle, but it is made of low-quality rubber making it hard to hold when wet. Definitely, you should purchase yourself another durable basketball to enjoy the game.

Some buyers are recommending it and said that they had a great time playing with it and the only problem was that the paint peeled off and ended at the pool. Other buyers were very disappointed by it and said that it only took 2 hours to be broken.  Generally, the product is more for kids than adults, so if you are looking for a good cheap poolside basketball hoop for your kids this will be the best option. All that with a one-year warranty.

The product is available now on Amazon for 91.99$, It has total reviews of 4.1 out of 5

You can find this product on Amazon.


Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Game

best pool basketball hoops


Another Product from Poolmaster, Splashback Poolside Basketball game has a good design; perfect for ground pools as well as above ground pools. Manufactured with high-quality materials and includes a Thermoplastic Backboard that can withstand hard weather conditions and measures out 34×25.5 inches. In addition, this set features a completely hand-woven net made from polyethylene and a 14-Inch PVC rim that can provide stability, rigidity, and flexibility. The base is very sturdy and rigid to be filled with water or sand and prevent any leakage. As a bonus poolmaster include a free game ball with inflation needle.

The problem of this product is that it is quite expensive, as it is available on Amazon for 158.99$, and its height is not adjustable and not all the reviews are positive, it only gathered 3.5 out of 5. There were different opinions around the product some were pleased and others were not quite satisfied with it.

Some buyers complained that they only owned it for less than a year and they had to buy 2 additional rims for replacement and that the rim cracks then breaks just from shooting the ball at the hoop, and that is perfect for young children than adults. Some want to dunk but the instructions clearly state not to slam-dunk.

On other hand, many buyers were happy with the product and flagged that with caring, good storage and following the instruction the hoop will stay as good as new for several years.

You can find all about the product and buy it from Amazon.


SwimWays Poolside Basketball

best pool basketball hoops


SwimWays Poolside Basketball game features a durable and dense swimming pool basketball game set, comes with a tolerant big backboard, a very heavy-duty classic plastic rim with a high-quality net. The base includes a built-in rest to provide great stability during game play and can be filled with water or sand for extra stability. There are no required tools during assembly and it can be ready in minutes.

The product is very cheap about 51$ and comes with a pro-style basketball.

Most of the users are satisfied, Mostly it works out with kids and children but don’t please the adults, as the product is totally made of plastic, therefore, there are no rusting parts in it, it has a medium size not too big and not too small, fits anywhere in the pool and add a lot of fun.

The buyers were mostly happy with the product and it works for their children, as they play with it for hours every day and spend more time in the pool than ever. If you compared the price with other basketball hoops, you will figure out that it is one of the best pool basketball hoops for its price.

One of the complaints about the product is that it doesn’t stay straight all the time and you need to straighten it from time to time.

You can buy this product or find everything about it on Amazon.


Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44″ Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball

best pool basketball hoops


Swimline 9195 Poolside basketball provides a great entertainment to your pool; it works out with both kids and adults. It comes with good commercial quality and you can adjust the hoop height as you wish. It has a 44-inch wide solid-body backboard, designed to direct the ball back into the pool, which is a great feature to help keep the ball in the pool. The backboard is attached to a metallic sturdy rim and high-quality net.  Last but not least, it comes with a regulated size game ball plus a metallic hoop and a rigid base that can be filled with water or sand to increase the stability.

What you will not like about this product is that the metal rim and the screws rust after some time, and the customer service is not quite good.

To keep rust away, you can spray a protectant on all metallic parts and replace the screws with stainless steel ones.

Not all the reviewers were pleased and there was some disparity in the opinions about this hoop, some were pleased and say that the pool basketball hoop really entertaining and the summer become funnier and more amusing and they started to spend more time in the pool.

What was disappointing that some of the product didn’t even survive the first summer, and what made it worse is the bad customer service and if you are even 1 day after the warranty they would tell you to buy the replacement part.

You can find everything about the product and buy it from Amazon.



We have reached the end of our guide for the best pool basketball hoops, we hope you choose well and compare all the items in terms of the price, your need, the quality of the materials and the features of every product. We would recommend you the Lifetime 1301 Pool Side Basketball System because it has a good price for all its features in addition to a 5 years warranty, the height of the pool is adjustable and the materials of all the parts are very high quality. With good caring and good storage, it will stay as good as new for several years.